Japan Street Photography

This portfolio presents a selection of some of my favorite street and people photography from Japan. All photos taken with digital cameras.

In the Galleries section of this website, you will find more extensive coverage of the spring and autumn seasons in Japan, as well as of specific locations throughout the country.

Do you need high-quality travel imagery that captures the essence of Japan and portrays its scenery and people in a fresh and candid way? Are you looking to get a concise and natural-looking photographic record of your local festival, neighborhood event, company activity or weekend outing? Would you like to have me accompany you as a holiday photographer for a day or two, allowing you to leave the selfie stick at the hotel and instead focus on enjoying every aspect of your visit to Japan, without having to worry about capturing great pictures of your travel adventures?

Please feel free to contact me here, so we can start to discuss how and when I can best support you with my photography.

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