Rokkakudo Temple Roofscape, Kyoto, Japan

An aerial view of Rokkaku-dō (六角堂) in Kyoto, Japan. The temple, whose name refers to the hexagonal shape of its Main Hall, is famous as the birthplace of Ikebana (flower arrangement).

Rokkakudo Temple Roofs from Above, Kyoto, Japan Photo
Rokkakudo Temple Roofscape, Kyoto, Japan

Shot with Mamiya 6 and 50mm f/4 lens on Fujicolor Pro 400H medium-format film. Developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab.
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Norbert Woehnl

Norbert Woehnl is a German Freelance Photographer based in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in Travel, Location, Editorial and Commercial Photography.

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