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Onomichi, Japan, in Monochrome

Camera: Nikon FE2
Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4
Film: Fuji Neopan 400 Presto.

All photos in this post were taken on January 3rd, 2013, while walking around the Japanese city of Onomichi (尾道, Hiroshima Prefecture) with my analog camera loaded with a roll of b&w film.

After arriving at JR Onomichi Station, the trip started with a cable-car ride up Mount Senkoji. Upon arrival, fellow travelers were soaking in the scenic beauty of the coastal landscape.
Overlooking the Scenery, Mount Senkoji, Onomichi, Japan Photo

Descending from Mount Senkoji (which, peaking at around 140 meters, is actually more of a hill), a rocky pathway leads towards the main sight in this area, Senkoji Temple (千光寺).
Descent to Senkoji Temple, Onomichi, Japan Photo

The temple’s special location on the rocky surface of Mount Senkoji offers many atmospheric impressions, such as this area with stone statues, …
Stone statues at Senkoji Temple, Onomichi, Japan Photo

… or this corner with figures, on which pilgrims can write their wishes and prayers.
Figures with prayers and wishes, Senkoji Temple, Onomichi, Japan Photo

Beside the temple’s Bell Tower is an area with ema (wooden prayer plaques), behind which a lovely wide panorama over the city, and towards Onomishi Ohashi Bridge, is unfolding.
Ema (Wooden Prayer Plaques) at Senkoji Temple, Onomichi, Japan Photo

Walking further down Mount Senkoji, and leaving the premises of Senkoji Temple, one soon reaches the Pagoda of Tenneiji Temple (天寧寺), which has been towering over the adjacent small houses for many centuries.
Tenneiji Pagoda and view over the city, Onomichi, Japan Photo

Moving on, the pedestrian walkways become a bit more narrow …
Old houses at the bottom of Mount Senkoji, Onomichi, Japan Photo

… but always allow for a short rest to take in the ambience, and the view over the old town, …
Walking down Mount Senkoji, Onomichi, Japan Photo

… before continuing down the alleys and stairwells that lead all the way to street level.
Walking down Mount Senkoji (2), Onomichi, Japan Photo

From the premises of Myosenji Temple (妙宣寺), one can get a nice glimpse of the cable cars arriving at Mount Senkoji Ropeway Station.
Myosenji Temple and Mount Senkoji Ropeway, Onomichi, Japan Photo

Moving right along through some more atmospheric old streets, …
Old Town Street, Onomichi, Japan Photo

… we reach the flight of stairs at the bottom of Misode Tenmangu Shrine (御袖天満宮).
Stairs at Misode Tenmangu Shrine, Onomichi, Japan Photo

After climbing halfway up the stairs, a short look down …
Misode Tenmangu Shrine, Onomichi, Japan Photo

… before finishing the climb, and taking a look at the main prayer hall.
Main Prayer Hall, Misode Tenmangu Shrine, Onomichi, Japan Photo

Soon afterwards, it is time to leave Misode Tenmangu, …
Visitors at Misode Tenmangu Shrine, Onomichi, Japan Photo

… and walk back to Onomichi Station. Inside Hondori Shopping Street (本通り商店街), there are some shop fronts that seem to have preserved their old appearance as if in a time capsule.
Old Shop Front at Hondori Shopping Street, Onomichi, Japan Photo

This concludes the monochrome visit to Onomichi.

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