Yukichi Watabe: A Criminal Investigation

This utterly fascinating book consists of a collection of images that were shot by photo journalist Yukichi Watabe (渡部 雄吉; 1924-1993) during a murder investigation in late-1950s Japan. The dramatic composition and lighting of the photos, showing the detective (who looks like a Japanese Humphrey Bogart) hit one dead end after another, evoke the sensation of watching a film noir. The design and production of the book complement the source material beautifully: the rough linen cover and black elastic ribbon that holds the cover in place give the object the feel of a case file. The lightweight, warm-tinted newsprint-style paper and typewriter font help to emulate the feel of looking at a vintage publication. One of my favorite photograhpy books from my collection.

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Yukichi Watabe: A Criminal Investigation
Yukichi Watabe: A Criminal Investigation

Yukichi Watabe: A Criminal Investigation
Publisher: Editions Xavier Barral; Bilingual edition (June 30, 2012)
Languages: English, French
ISBN-10: 2915173826
ISBN-13: 978-2915173826
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